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Down So Low

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  1. Linda Ronstadt Lyrics. "Down So Low". When you went away I cried. Cried for so long. And I wanted you to stay. Ah but that was all wrong. The pain you left .
  2. The inspiration for "Down So Low" was getting my heart broken. It was written right in the aftermath of a relationship with Steve Miller. I didn't even have the band then. I was working at Discount Records in San Francisco when I wrote that song. I had a piano in my house and there was a piano at my uncle's house.
  3. Definition of stoop so low in the Idioms Dictionary. stoop so low phrase. What does stoop so low expression mean? Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. stoop down; stoop labor; stoop over; stoop so low; stoop to; stoop to (something) stoop to conquer; stoop to doing; stop; stop (dead) in (one's) tracks; stop (one) cold; stop (one's.
  4. Tracy told us: "Down So Low" has bailed me out a thousand times. I call it mailbox money. It's the great thing about being a songwriter. I mean, that song has been paying me money for 40 years. When Linda recorded it, I got a huge check and bought a farm with it. So it's a wonderful, wonderful gift.
  5. Down, down so low Leaving you crying out, have mercy on my soul Oh Lord, down so low All the money, that you kill for Well now the blood's all over you All your dreams of fame and fortune Are all just nightmares haunting you Down, down so low How deep into the ground can one man dig a hole? Down, down so low Leaving you crying out, have mercy.
  6. It was during this period that Nelson wrote and first recorded her signature song "Down So Low" (released on the Mother Earth album Living with the Animals, tracked in Nashville and the vocal recorded in Memphis with Terry Manning), which was later covered by Linda Ronstadt, Etta James, Diamanda Galás, Dee Dee Warwick, Ellen McIlwaine, Maria Muldaur, and Cyndi Lauper.
  7. Royal Deluxe Lyrics. "Down So Low". Oh the bottle, that you've been drinking. Well, it's really drowning you. And all the people, that you've been blaming. Well, they should be blaming you. Oh the time, you say was wasted. Well, it was wasted all by you. And all the love, that walked away.
  8. Down So Low Lyrics: When you went away I cried / Cried for so long / And I wanted you to stay / Ah but that was all wrong / The pain you left behind / Has become part of me / And it's burned out a.

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